Advance Steel – Drawing Style Customisation

We all have a preferred way of working and visualising projects – Ask many draughtsmen to draw something and each will create different drawings. Therefore, by their nature any drawings created by Advance Steel “as delivered” will be a compromise trying to meet the needs of different people.

We understand that you won’t necessarily want to change your way of working, and that manually updating these drawings it too-time consuming. Don’t worry, you won’t need to completely overturn your way of working to suit Advance Steel – Graitec can help you adjust your system to generate your drawings in your own style.

Automatic Plate Stringer Drawing - Before (Standard 1:15 on A3 sheet):

automatic plate stringer drawing advance steel

“At a conservative guess I would like to think we’re going be saving 25-30%, being optimistic I would like to think 40-50%. Honestly think we’re going to save a huge amount of time getting the general arrangements.” – Graitec customer

Automatic Plate Stringer Drawing - After (1:20 on A4 sheet):

automatic plate stringer drawing advance steel custom style

In Advance Steel drawings are created based on sets of rules trying to capture the thought processes used by a person on a drawing board. When creating a drawing manually you are making hundred or even thousands of tiny decisions that you are barely aware of. All of these need to be captured and described in computer terms, these rules are called Drawing Styles.

There are interfaces and systems in Advance Steel to adjust and customise these to meet your preferences more closely. Drawing Styles are extremely complex and are not for the feint hearted.

Graitec offers a service to customise the styles and related parts of your system to minimise future manual editing of drawings. The results can mean huge savings in editing time, as noted by one of our latest success stories. Typically, this only requires a few days’ consultancy work by Graitec, which makes it minimally disruptive to your practice and the returns are evident in the short term.

If you’d like to learn more about how can Graitec help you streamline your draughting process and create efficiencies, please get in touch through the link below for a solution tailored to your needs.

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