Advance Steel - Create Parapet Post With Cold Rolled Detailing

The question came up other day over how to create a parapet post within a cold rolled detailing.

This lead to some thought about how to firstly achieve this as a manual detail, then can we bring any automation to the process. So, with some initial manual beam creation, use of the Standard macros for cold rolled placement, along with some standard connection tools, this is achievable.

But, how to replicate within not only this model but others new projects, taking the same detail forward? This is where the Custom connection tool comes in using the manual column tool, the Custom connection tool for bolt placement, then also including an end plate macro.

These combined into the custom connection template, this template is then inserted into the file, it can be copied using the AS copy tools, linked via the copy in a group tool, for easy of adjustment.

Then tying this parapet post in with the Cold Rolled macro for additional railing in the parapet section, again using macro for connections to easy transfer around the model. Then including the Anti-sag macros with suitable flush fit connections to top rail for the support struts.

This is not a complicated process, but with some pre-planning and thought, knowledge of the standard tools inside Advance Steel this is achievable.
In the video attached, we show the creation of the parapet post, the set out of the Railing using the purlin macro, then we show the creation of the custom connection and its application within the model, along with the insertion of the various cold rolled connections and the Anti-sag macros, with adjustment for the top rail cleat connection to have Countersunk bolts.

This workflow can be repeated on different projects, due to the custom connection and the macros available within Autodesk Advance Steel. Join our free structural webinars to learn more project workflows or get in touch with us for tailored Advance Steel training courses.

Please get in touch with our team through the link below if you require more information or to know the price of this program:

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