Advance Steel Saw Length

Have you noticed that the length of a beam on the Saw List is sometimes different to the length on other lists? Why is this?

Material and Saw List 

This occurs when a beam has a double cut on one or both ends. During manufacture it is typical for the raw material or stock length of section to be cut to length on a mitre saw. This can only cut one angle on the end of the member. The second cut on the end has to be produced by a secondary machining process.

If the first angle cut started at the net finished length, then the second cut would result in a beam under size. Therefore, the system works out the length of the beam with a single cut on the end and tests both cuts to see which uses less raw material. This is the saw length. The second cut then removes the extra material resulting in the correct net finished length.

Saw Length Compared to Net LengthThis image illustrates how this is done. The mitres saw must cut the stock section to either length A or length B. The second cut is then made by a secondary process resulting in the correct net length. So the saw length shown on the saw lists is the shorter one of Length A or B – Length B in this image. Other lists show the proper Net finished length of the beam. 

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