Advance Steel - Tweaking the CAD Standards in the template file

One of the first things I do when I get a new Advance Steel version is to look at how some small changes to the template file can easily make my modelling process better and easier on the eye.

There are a few easy tweaks that can be done to take the standard template and turn it into a visually more appeasing version. If you look at the image below you will see a standard template file on the right and my updated version on left. So what do i do?

Advance Steel Template Styles

Remove the Glass Material

When im working in Advance Steel i tend to exclusively work in the Realistic visual style, you may have noticed that when this is actiavted your model takes on a slightly transparent visiual style. This is due the presence of a glass material within the materials broweser. To remove this simply type 'MAT' in the command line, select the glass material, Right Click and then delete.

 Advance Steel Glass Material delete 

Turn Off Occluded Edges

Once the glass material is deleted the model will take on a more solid lookinng appearence. I then like to turn off the occluded edges from the realistic visual style. To do this type 'VIS' on the command line, slect the realistic style tile and set the show 'Occuluded Edge' setting to Off.

Adavnce Steel Show Occuluded Edges

Assign Layer Colors

Now that i have the material and visual style sorted its time to add some color control to the model. I do this by using a simple color chart in the layer manager. As you will see below i have chosen some bold colors for the standard layers. By doing this it creates a nice contract between the beam, plates & ancillary parts. To edit a layer simply click the color tile and pick as required.

Advance Steel Layers Structure

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