Advance Steel: Text Font Not Showing Correct Line Weight/Presentation After Migration

Issue: Labels appear to have very light line weight in drawing view

line weight presentation migration advance steel 2018 fix

During the migration process from 2016 to 2018, the Management tools profile from the 2016 version was transferred to the 2018 version. Wiithin these management tools is the Text Font Control for the default into the Drawing Style labelling.

The Text Font Reference was transferred exactly as it was from 2016 to 2018. This is the cause of the error in the presentation of the font on the drawings via part labelling.

line weight presentation migration advance steel 2018 part labeling

In the 2017 version of the software there was a change made in how the Text fonts where recorded in the Management Tool System, basically they dropped the Extension Reference and used the true font name only for files that had extension values of TTF and TTC fonts, which have the "double T" symbol representation in the combo-box dialog. The Changes made from 2016 to 2017 are noted in this Autodesk Knowledge Network article link.

For 2018 version we need to change this reference so the label now creates correctly and reading the true font name, to do this remove the .ttf reference from the end of the entry in MT defaults for entries:

Text Font (filename) for Details

Text Font (fileName) for Text at Weld Symbols

line weight presentation migration advance steel 2018 fix tff remove

Change the entries and then reload the defaults into the AS session, or start new session of AS.

The labels will then be created with the correct font weight.

line weight presentation migration advance steel 2018 fix arial

If you're having troubles with your version migration and need support for Advance Steel or need help with Advance Steel implementation, let us know by getting in touch with us through the link below. This cannel can also be used to request a quote or more information for this software. 

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