Advance Steel Tip - Where are my Plates? Understanding Recoding.

Have you ever produced a plate list and wondered why it doesn’t seem to list all the plates in your model? Let me explain what is happening.

Traditionally it has been considered cheaper and easier to manufacture a plate such as an End Plate that measures say 200x180x10 from a 200x10 flat bar instead of plate. Only one saw cut is required to make the basic shape rather than cutting several edges of the plate out of a larger sheet. Thus Advance Steel automatically converts plates of corresponding sizes into flat bars.

A typical Material list shows both beams and plates so you probably don’t notice. If you look closely though you will see plates with FL### for a name instead of PL####.

For example, the Base Plate at the bottom of this stringer is DEFINITELY modelled as a plate object. However, the model browser and bill of materials list it as a Flat Bar 75x10. Therefore, this plate is now considered a beam and it will appear on a Beam List not a Plate List.

Advance Steel Where are my Plates Image

These days, with modern computer controlled plate profiling machines, cutting shapes from plate is much cheaper, easier and faster than it used to be so there is not so much requirement for converting plates into flat bars. So, if you prefer your plates to stay as plates regardless of their size you can turn off the function that converts them.

In Advance Steel this is known as RECODING. Simply go to Management Tools > Defaults > General > General > Recoding and remove the tick from the box. Don’t forget to update defaults inside Advance Steel.

Advance Steel Recoding Image

Now your plate will be listed as a plate and appear on Plate lists.

Advance Steel Where are my Plates Image 2

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