Would you like to control the default configuration for an Advance Steel joint? Read on for how to do so.

Advance Steel Single Sided End Plate

In Advance Steel, whenever you place a joint from the Connection Vault the system looks in the joint library for an entry where the section sizes match the selected beams. If it finds a match it uses that library entry to place a predefined configuration of the joint for those beams. If more than one match is possible the first match found is used. If no match is found, then some default values are used in the joint properties. These values are hard coded and cannot be changed but they often seem to make little sense.

If you can come up with a better default setup it is really easy to tell Advance Steel to use your preference. Simply set the joint up how would like the default to be. Then import those values into the Joint Library using the Import Settings button on the Library page. Then click Edit and change the comment of your new library entry to say “Default”.

From now on when placing this joint from the Connection Vault, if no better match is found in the library to suit the selected beams, your new Default entry will be used. This entry will be used for ALL beams regardless of section shape or size.

Easy eh?

You can also watch my video to see this in action.

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