GRAITEC Advance PowerPack for Revit - Dimensions

Dimensions – Auto Dimensions

Auto dimensions allows you to select a wall and any intersecting walls, then by selecting the main wall place the dimension run automatically on your view.


This is going to help speed up the process of placing dimensions in your Revit views.

Dimensions – Quick Dimensions

When placing a dimension run across walls in a view it can take some time and you need to make sure you select the face of the wall also.

Using the Quick Dimensions tools for the Advanced Power Pack makes this process a little quicker, by drawing a Detail line across the walls you need.


Then simply select the Quick Dimensions tools from GRAITEC PowerPack tab > Annotations > Quick Dimensions, then select the line and it will change to a nice run of dimensions.


Dimensions – Join Dimensions Lines

So if you have placed dimensions on a view in Revit it's not possible to join any dimension runs together to form a continuous run. So using the Join Dimensions Lines tool this will do just that.


It's as simple as selecting GRAITEC PowerPack tab > Annotations > Join Dimensions Lines, then select each dimension you need to join and just like magic all the dimensions will be joined together.


It will also place a dimension in if you have selected two dimensions either side of a wall.

Dimensions – Dimensioning Configuration

The configuration dialog box allows you to set the dimension styles to use when using either Auto, Quick or Join dimension lines tools.

Dimensions-6Overall these dimension tools should improve the way you dimension up your views in Revit.

Interested in watching the tutorial for 'Dimensions'? Then follow the link to go to our Graitec Advance PowerPack for Autodesk Revit 2016 blog post.


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