Advanced Steel NC Scribing/Powder Marking/Etching – How To Control The File And Part Reference

Within Advance Steel there are options for Scribing of parts attachment relative to the assembly, to enable scribing in NC Files for Advance Steel the settings new to be based upon assemblies. This setting is required as outlined in this Autodesk Knowledge Network article.

This means that the file name is using the NC position reference, being the main part reference. The same for the internal NC file reference, it uses the NC position number.

This means by default the file name for the single part becomes the main part reference, but sometimes the user still requires it to be the single part reference.

Within the AKN article there are several NC tokens listed that can be applied/changed within the System. In the listing, there are ones relative to the single part reference, these can be used to change the file name of the NC or DXF file.

  • %SinglePartPosNum - to display the single part mark

For a global change, this means it will be set automatically via the MT Defaults settings:

In the Management Tools, you can adjust the token used for these fields to look at the single part reference for both the NC file name, Hard Stamp and the part name in the NC Header.

nc scribing pwder marking etching advance steel settings

nc scribing pwder marking etching advance steel settings BOM

For a project based change, so this is model by model:

For this you go to the NC Settings panel and under their use the radio button on right and change the token to one from the list that appears, for the required part of the output you wish to change. In this case the File name and File Name Header inside the NC file.

nc scribing pwder marking etching advance steel filename

NOTE: with this change inside a model, this overrides the MT defaults settings, once changed here, The MT changes will not be applied even it reloaded into model. The system see that the user has decided to make the manual change, therefore this negates the MT Defaults system.

You can watch a video tutorial of how to achieve this here:


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