AEC And The 2014 UK Budget

UK Budget AECYou may be thinking that the 2014 UK budget won't affect you and your business but if you haven't realised there are key measures to the Chancellor's budget that will certainly benefit you no matter what industry you are.

In this post we will be giving you an insight of how last week's budget announcement will relate to those of you who are in the architecture, engineering and construction sectors.

To begin with, it was announced that the Help to Buy scheme for new housing would be extended to 2020 with support for the building of more than 200,000 new homes. With these measures being extended and introduced it means that those of you involved in the house building industry will have additional certainty of development and work.

It was also revealed that the Government is establishing a £150 million fund to kick start the regeneration of large housing estates. These will be redeveloped through repayable loans in order to boost housing supply with the creation of mixed tenure developments.

It will require private sector developers to work with local authorities in order for this scheme to revamp housing estates.

In addition, the Cabinet proposed to extend planning reforms allowing the conversion of a wider range of buildings such as warehouses and light industrial premises to residential use without the need for planning approval.

But for those of you who are involved in the building and restoration of vital flood defences then you may want to be a part of the extra £140m set aside to repair and maintain those that have suffered damage.

You may be thinking why are Adris talking about this but it all comes down to BIM.

Not just BIM but Revit as well, as we've said before BIM is not just for Revit but it is certainly the software to develop your skills and complete your projects in.

With the Government projecting their UK Government BIM Strategy for 2016 then you may want to research and invest in BIM soon. If you think that you will be involved in any of the above mentioned measures then BIM will be a requirement for anyone involved as the scheme will almost certainly be classed a public project.

So take a second look at the points in the budget that you will be involved in and possibly benefit from then start investing today.

If you are working in the manufacturing division keep an eye for our manufacturing and 2014 UK budget post soon.

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Manufacturing And The 2014 UK Budget
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