Revit Tip - Aligning Surface Patterns

Many users are aware of Revit’s ‘Align’ tool, but not everyone knows that it can be used to align Fill Patterns. This post will show you how.

Aligning Surface Patterns

The image below shows a typical problem, as a result of numerous edits, the highlighted walls Fill Pattern has become misaligned. The ‘Align’ tool will resolve the issue in seconds.

Aligning Surface Patterns 2.1

Select the ‘Align’ tool from the Modify Tab.

Aligning Surface Patterns 3

Select part of the Fill Pattern on one wall (the first pick) as a datum. Select part of the Fill Pattern on the second wall (the second pick) as the element to move.

Aligning Surface Patterns 4

The Fill Pattern on the second pick will move to align with the Fill Pattern on the first pick.

Aligning Surface Patterns 5

Before and after examples.

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