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sketchbook-pro-2Today I'm going to go through what Autodesk Sketchbook is and the features that it holds. Autodesk Sketchbook is quite different from a lot of the other software that Autodesk do simply because it all revolves around drawing. If you are a budding artist, professional illustrator or just love to draw and create then this is the software for you.

Autodesk's statement for Sketchbook is 'Draw in Sketchbook Pro and discover an authentic, natural drawing experience that is as close to pencil, pen, marker, or brush on paper as a digital art tool can be'. All of this is true with the extensive range of tools on offer in order to help you create a digital, visually aesthetic, artistic portfolio. Not only do you have the basic steady stroke, line pressure, rubber, shape tool etc. but there is also other extensive capabilities of using this software.

With paintings you use a number of different strokes and techniques to achieve a desired effect and this is ten times easier in Sketchbook because it features a number of customizable brushes. If you want a water brush, pen liner, highlighter, airbrush then you have got it plus loads, over 100 to be exact; and these all enable you to get the finest details into your art whilst having maximum control.


Most artists both fine art and digital want to capture the correct perspective, well that's an exception with abstract work of course. But with sketchbook, getting the perspective right is easy and quick because of the numerous guides it has on offer. With these guides you can then freely adjust the points and lines depending on your preferences.

A great advantage to doing digital art is that you can have tons of layers with different sections of your drawing making it easy to move, adjust and resize if you want to. There are new layer blend modes, multi-layer selection, ten levels of layer grouping and background layer colour selection making it great for image manipulation.

Copic Colour library with Coper markers is available with a huge selection of colours, so no matter what one you are needing it will be there. Furthermore there is selection tools including a magic wand plus a distortion transform tool and dynamic flood fill tools meaning you can not only fill a shape but you can also use linear and radial gradients too.

Moreover, the best element of Sketchbook which makes it completely original from other programmes is the flipbook key frame animation toolset feature. It has built in collaboration with the Autodesk Maya team meaning you can use simple key frame timelines to create a traditional animation workflow.

If you are interested in finding out more on Sketchbook then give us a call today on 023 8086 8947 or request a quote and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Check out the Autodesk Site to read more and download a trial version for free.


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