The ability to share a 3D model with almost anyone on practically any device makes “Shared Views” a really powerful function in Autodesk Inventor.

A shared view is an online visual representation of the view of the model or a design which has been uploaded from an Autodesk product.

“Shared Views” gives Inventor users the ability to acquire feedback from design teams outside of their company and all they need is a web browser, there is nothing else to install.

You can create a shared view for a customer to request approval or provide easy access to field sales teams for on-site presentations.

Anyone can view and comment on the shared view without needing to have an Autodesk product installed.

Moreover, an email is sent when anyone comments on the shared view, you can view and reply to comments and manage your shared view directly from your Autodesk product.

Remember that “Shared Views” expire after 30 days, although they can be renewed to extend this for an additional 30 days as needed.

See our overview video below which explains the “Shared Views” function in Inventor in a little more detail.

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