An Overview Of The Autodesk Revit Interface For 2018

Regular Autodesk Revit users will no doubt remember where particular tools/commands are in tabs, and which window contains what info etc.

However, new or inexperienced Revit users often struggle to find or remember the different names of commands, where the options bar is, or even where was that tick box that controlled how something looked is.

Therefore, it should be helpful to go through a general overview of the Revit Interface for 2018.

To Start we have File - this is new for 2018 and we use it to access these options via the Big R.

This give us access to some standard commands – New, Open, Print and a list of previously opened files etc...

revit interface 1

To access the full tutorial, which shows you how to use many other Interface features, such as the Quick Access Toolbar, the Ribbon and the Options bar, just click on the button below:

Get Full Tutorial

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