On the 8th, 9th and 10th October we are holding our first Global Digital BIMUp Conference which is a must attend online event for Architects, Engineers, Fabricators and Contractors.

With over 170 classes to choose from over the course of 3 days, you can create your very own agenda, choosing to attend as many or few sessions as you wish. These sessions are split into Design, Simulate, Fabricate and Manage and will enable users to increase their knowledge of BIM whilst learning about a range of Graitec and Autodesk products. There will also be numerous tutorials plus handy ‘tips n tricks’ to help with everyday workflows.

BIMUp Digital Global Conference Platform

Each session will be conducted by one of our consultants from across the world and will last a maximum of 45 minutes scheduled across the course of the 3 days. Some will even be available on demand, making it even more convenient for you.

Click here to view a list of classes that are being run by the Graitec UK consultants

8th October 2019

20 Roofs in 20 Mins in Revit – James Parsons-Moore
Modular building with Revit & Advance Steel – Rob Merriman
Everyday Dynamo, for Everyday Revit – Simon Dickinson
Modify Revit Circuit Referencing using Dynamo – Simon Locke
Reinforce you Revit with Graitec BIM Designer – Alan Johnson
Curtain Walling from Stages 1-5 - James Parson-Moore
Integrating FEM solution with Revit and Advance Steel – Tommy Moussis and Nicholas Sanders
Sharing, Linking and Consuming the Goods in BIM 360 Design – Grant Dott
Understanding Subassemblies in Civil 3D – Ian Robinson
Advance Steel Model Checking – Rob Merriman
Advance Steel to Plant3D collaboration workflows – John Bennett
Efficient Modelling of Cold Rolled in Advance Steel - Aleck Giles

9th October 2019

The Tips N Tricks I wish I knew before I learnt Revit – Patrick Mullins
Graitec BIMUp Process - Designed to WIN – Steve Houlder and Chris Hobbs
Autodesk Formit Intelligent Conceptual Design – Simon Dickinson
Landscape Architecture Design Development using Revit – James Parsons-Moore
Advance Steel Drawing Customization for the Plant Industry – Tommy Moussis
Templates and Checklists for Quality and Safety in BIM 360 Build – Grant Dott
Naming conventions and drawing status according to ISO 19650-2 UK Annex – James Parsons-Moore
Graitec Opentree Data Management for AEC – Gary Edwards and Daniel Taylor North
Hitchhikers Guide to Civil 3D and Infraworks - 10 Top Tips – Ian Robinson
Structural Designer and Advance Steel Configuration – John Bennett
Concrete Stairs and their Railings in Advance Steel – Aleck Giles
Secondary Steelwork with Graitec PowerPack – Rob Merriman
Managing AutoCAD and Revit in Graitec Opentree Data Management - Gary Edwards and Daniel Taylor North

10th October 2019

Replacing Sketchup with Formit – James Parson-Moore
Graitec Opentree Data Management for AEC - Gary Edwards and Daniel Taylor North
Revit templates "Do's and Don'ts - James Parson-Moore
Managing network licenses with Graitec License Viewer – Steve Sheppard
Making the most of Custom Connections in Advance Steel – Aleck Giles
Understanding BS EN ISO 19650 in accordance to Work in Progress and how Opentree helps to automate the file naming convention - Gary Edwards and Daniel Taylor North
Using BIM 360 as a CDE - James Parson-Moore
Autodesk Advance Steel with Graitec Advance Workshop - Tommy Moussis
The GIS BIM conundrum - Beginners Guide to Data - Ian Robinson
Use the data you didn’t know they gave you - Autodesk Civil - Ian Robinson
Using BIM 360 for Internal Technical Reviews - James Parson-Moore
Advance Steel to Revit collaboration tips and tricks - John Bennett
AS Powerpack connections for Light Gauge Metal - John Bennett
Advance Steel Model Checking - Rob Merriman

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