Are You Backing Up Your Advance Steel Data?

These days data is king, and it needs to be accessible from anywhere, at any time. As such, companies have systems in place to make sure that their data is backed up properly and securely.

From a steel detailing perspective for each job this data will be the Advance Steel model, the model MDF file and the model folder which contains all the fabrication drawings, schedules and NC files. This data is so important to steelwork companies that in some cases it is is backed up daily. The question I want to ask in this blog is are you backing up the data that Advance Steel uses to produce the Models, Drawings, Lists and NC Data?

Everything that you can customise in Advance Steel including Template Files, Prototypes, BOMs, Drawing Styles, Drawing Process, Custom Pallets, Management Settings is data that is stored on your computer.

But what happens if your computer dies completely and nothing can be recovered from the hard drive, as the years of settings and tweaks that have been made to Advance Steel to get it running the way you want will be lost.

We would strongly recommend taking a copy of this data to a safe location, such as a network drive, a cloud location or offsite just in case the worst happens, and it is also useful to have a copy of this data so that if you are customising a part of the system and something goes wrong, you have a master set of data to go back to.

In this example I am working on the UK build of Advance Steel 2019 - the folder where all these settings are stored is C:\ProgramData\Autodesk\Advance Steel 2019\GBR. You may need to change your Windows folder settings to view hidden folders as C:\ProgramData is a hidden folder. Follow these steps below to create your master data set:

• Copy the entire C:\ProgramData\Autodesk\Advance Steel 2019\GBR folder and all its contents to a safe location accessible to all (such as a network drive).

• In the safe location delete all the “ASSettings_User.xml” files from all the sub folders.

• In the safe location delete all the “*_log.ldf” files from all sub folders.

This then becomes your master data set.

This master data set can also be used to clone your Advance Settings from one machine to another, and you can follow all the steps in Aleck Giles' blog on cloning Advance Steel Settings between machines.

Find out how the Graitec PowerPack for Advance Steel will provide you with lots of powerful functionality for your workflows. If you have any questions, please send us a message now:

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