Are you new to Inventor HSM and CNC machining?

If you are new to Inventor HSM and you do not have experience in CNC machining, there is a great handbook to help you on your way - I personally found that it contained lots of useful information.

The handbook takes you through the introduction and CNC process overview, shop safety, CNC tools, coordinate system, CNC programming language, CNC Operation, 2D milling toolpaths, CNC turning, 3D toolpaths, milling setups and lots more.

The handbook will help you with the types of parts, materials and machining operations that manufacturers often use. It is not there to turn you into a machinist; it shows you how to use CNC to make common types of parts. It will help engineers to become better designers.

This handbook can be used by working engineers, designers, students, innovators or just about anybody interested in Inventor HSM.

Follow this link to gain access to the in-depth CNC handbook, or click the button below to contact our team for more information on Inventor HSM and how to make it work for you: For training courses please visit our Inventor HSM training courses page.

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