AutoCAD 360 2.0 Review - Product Updates Are Nothing New

AutoCAD-360Following on from my last post on Fusion 360, Autodesk 360 offerings continue to evolve delivering a growing stable of applications for increasingly mobile CAD and Design professionals. So it’s very fitting that the latest AutoCAD 360 2.0 offering seems the next suitable port of call.

Product updates are nothing new – especially in a technological World, in fact, they’re common place now and have become an essential component for delivering enhancements to both functionality and also productivity.

But how many of us actually take advantage of the little tweaks, or even notice them for that matter as we strive to meet demanding deadlines?

Many of these tweaks are made from our collective feedback and requests so to ensure you can get the most out of your technology here is a brief review of some of the latest AutoCAD 360 enhancements.

Off the back of direct user feedback, AutoCAD 360 2.0 have introduced several new features including the Smart Pen! The Smart Pen (your finger) means you can sketch shapes with little or no hardship and the snap tool keeps the lines straight in the process, though you have the option to turn this off. You can draw freely, not needing great artistic skills, or draw circles like Da Vinci, until your deadline’s met.

They’ve also improved the measuring tools, so you can now measure distances with just two taps. Simply choose the object you want to measure and double tap. You can then copy and paste the measurements directly into a design feed comment or document. A simple task I know, but easily missed within the complexity of AutoCAD 360’s other attributes.

As well as this AutoCAD 360 2.0 sees a new, all-encompassing, Dimensions tool and the ability to access your files in a host of third-party storage services, including the likes of DropBox and for those of you that have yet to set up your Autodesk 360 accounts.

Even with AutoCAD 360’s overwhelming desire to please us, let’s not forget the already impressive features it offers.

You can work with meticulous detail and be confidant the touch screen translates your gestures correctly with intuitive responses to your commands.

You have access to real time updates during design conferences, meaning everyone, everywhere stays in the loop, eliminating unproductive meetings, long drives and missed opportunities.

Combined with the design feed feature (one of my favourite features) it’s easy to share ideas and approvals through instant messages or even pictures. And if by some cruel twist of fate, you find yourself without an internet connection, you can always work offline and let AutoCAD 360 automatically update your designs when an internet connection is restored.

AutoCAD 360 2.0 brings some eagerly awaited updates that will clearly make the design experience a more enjoyable and productive one. But more importantly, by their own admissions, they’re always looking to improve and welcome feedback, which is great for the collective design community.

Join the drawing board and have your say for future developments – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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