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Autodesk have an agreement with Bing Mapping to provide free aerial photography for Autodesk Users. The only caveat is when using the mapping make sure that the Bing Mapping Copyright Agreement is displayed on your drawing.

However AutoCAD & AutoCAD LT work off an X,Y coordinate system. The aerial mapping requires a location to be set. One way to do so is setting a longitude and latitude location in AutoCAD. Also, you need an internet connection and to be signed in to your A360 Account. The A360 Account is free to create.

autocad lt free aerial mapping 360 account ribbon
There are many ways find the longitude and latitude of your project. There are websites like Grid Reference Finder.

autocad lt free aerial mapping grid reference finder

Within AutoCAD on the Insert Ribbon, chose Set Location Drop Down and then click From Map

autocad lt free aerial mappingt ribbon set location from map

 The Geographic Location Dialogue Box appears. In the Address Box enter the latitude and longitude, click on the search button. Then click the Drop Marker Here Button. Then click Next.

autocad lt free aerial mapping ribbon set location from map eographic location

On the next page, Set the Coordinate System. For the UK, chose BritishNatGrid. Click Next.

autocad lt free aerial mapping ribbon coordinate system

On the AutoCAD Command Line, Geographic Location needs to be set. Accept the 0,0,0 by clicking return. Then on the AutoCAD Command Line, Accept the North Direction Angle by clicking return. Exit (Esc Button) Geographic Location Command. The Aerial Mapping should now be running in AutoCAD located around your project. The Geolocation Ribbon should also be live. Notice you can Capture an of aerial photograph to be use in your project.

The Bing Mapping Copyright Agreement is displayed in the lower right-hand corner. If you intend to use the Mapping in on a project drawing it would be best to set the viewports and scale up first. Then capture the area you intend to use as the licensing agreement will scale to the viewport.

autocad lt free aerial mapping grid reference finder copyright

The mapping can be turned off, switched to a road and hybrid display. To access command via the command line type in Geomap.

If you'd like to learn how to make the most of this software, why not join our AutoCAD Training Courses? You can request a quote or more information about this package through the link below:

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