AutoCAD Shortcuts Guide

Shortcut-GuideAutoCAD power users will probably be aware of many if not all of the available AutoCAD shortcuts, but if you are fairly new to AutoCAD, you probably won’t be aware of the plethora of one key shortcuts, hot keys or toggles that are available to really help speed up your day to day productivity when using what is probably the world’s favourite traditional CAD software.

Whilst not everyone is keen or comfortable with the unavoidable change to the ribbon layout keyboard shortcuts tend to be more persistent so once you get to know them they can quickly help you improve your usage of your software and of course eliminate the number clicks that may be required to access key commands.

Autodesk have now produced a handy 11 page AutoCAD shortcuts guide which you can download from the link below, so please download and enjoy the extra power to your fingertips.

Download the AutoCAD Shortcuts Guide

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