AutoCAD Model Paper buttonsmIf when you are in paper space and in a viewport and you find that you can't zoom out to see the title block, how do you get back to Paper Space?

This is a common trap to get caught in especially for new AutoCAD users.
Whilst in paperspace, you zoom in on the content of a viewport and then after activating viewport to zoom in to edit a piece of geometry, you  then try to zoom to your title box but you can’t; also you cannot double click outside  the viewport to deactivate it because you are too close.

How do you get out?

There are two easy solutions for this outlined below:

1. Look on the status bar, at the bottom your AutoCAD, towards the right hand side. Notice the word Model, click on it, it now says Paper and you are free to zoom out.
2. Type PS, for PaperSpace, and press the Return/Enter key

You are now free from the Viewport Model Space Trap