AutoCAD Tips - Repeat Last Command

AutoCAD-Right-Click-EnterBeing able to repeat the last AutoCAD command quickly, at a touch of a button has always been a useful feature and there has always been several buttons available to achieve this, for example:

1.    The Enter button
2.    The Space Bar
3.    Right Click of the mouse, but .... read on.

Early users of AutoCAD would right click their mouse and immediately the last command would be repeated, these days, a right click launches an options menu that includes the option to select the last command, 2 clicks.

Now you can have the best of both worlds, a quick right click to repeat the last command and a slow right to launch the options menu; here's how in 3 easy steps.

Open the AutoCAD Options dialogue box and then:

1.    Click on User Preferences Tab.
2.    Click on Right Click Customisation.
3.    Tick the "Turn On Time-Sensitive Right-Click

Now click Apply and Close, OK the options and you are 1 Click faster, job done.


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