Autodesk 360 Account Information

Some of you may have recently received an email from Autodesk regarding an A360 trial which you never signed up for. This of course would cause some confusion for those of you using A360 Drive as part of your Autodesk Subscription.

The first thing to note is the A360 Drive (the name given to the online storage area) is now being removed, and as such will now ONLY be known as A360. 

If you had A360 Drive as part of your Subscription, then you will still have an online 'drive' - it will just be the free version; A360, rather than the paid one; A360 Team.

So what's the difference between A360 and A360 Team?

When you go to the A360 website and click 'TRY A360' it gives you two options (as you can see from the print screen below.)


A360 is simply the umbrella term for all the cloud based offerings, and additions to this can be acquired; for example A360 Team.

A360 Team is collaboration software that allows multiple practices to access/upload/download/manage several projects online consecutively, all at a low price.

Although a basic free version of this collaboration software is available through A360, it only allows for a SINGLE project, which is not practical for long term and future usage. Alongside that, A360 Team has an additional online storage allowance of 5GB.

If you want to try A360 Team before purchasing, then you can always download a free 30 day trial to experience the advanced capabilities of this online storage area.

If you have any questions regarding A360 or would like to find out more about software, hardware or training, then give your local office a call today or alternatively request a quote and we will get back to you as soon as possible.