Autodesk 360 - Change to Cloud Credit Policy

a360 largeFor those of you who aren’t aware, Cloud Credits are the unit of measurement required to perform certain tasks, such as creating a rendering or running a simulation in a cloud environment.

As it currently stands Subscription, qualifying Rental Plans and cloud services customers receive 100 cloud credits per seat. These credits can then be pooled and shared by any user with a seat on the contract.

As of December 13th 2013 the policy will change.

Going forward Autodesk will be introducing individual cloud credits, as opposed to shared credits.

So what’s the difference between shared and individual cloud credits?

Shared cloud credits are available for anyone on a contract to use – you can purchase shared credits and they are coterminous with their associated contracts.

Individual cloud credits are given at a user level, and cannot be reissued once they have been used – you cannot purchase individual cloud credits and they cannot be shared with other individuals.

Any unused cloud credits will expire on the anniversary date of the customer’s contract. Each user, on an existing contract, will then receive 100 individual cloud credits that cannot be shared, pooled or transferred.

Cloud Credits work with any consumption based service and going forward users be able to access both shared and individual cloud credits, with administrators still being able to view and track usage of both types.

To help you understand more about cloud credits and the differences between them, see the below table outling their general attributes.

. Shared Cloud Credits Individual Cloud Credits
Attribute . .
Purchasable Yes No

Given as part of a commercial
relationship with Autodesk

No Yes
Use Can be shared and used by many
Is specific to a named user
Cannot be shared of transferred
Expiration Coterminus with contract Available to users as long as they are current
Consumption Consumed after individual cloud credits are consumed consumed first if both are available
Come with Subscription No Yes
Come with Rentals No Yes
Come with Cloud Services With some standalone cloud services Yes
When are they effective With purchase (cloud or additional capacity) When a user is created
Renewable Yes (with some standalone cloud services) No


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