Autodesk announce AutoCAD for Mac 2017 – the best CAD software for Mac users yet

After spending a year fastidiously working on developments, Autodesk have revealed AutoCAD for Mac 2017, alongside an LT version, and it is set to be the best CAD software for Mac users to date.

Amongst many exciting feature developments, the more intuitive User Interface immediately stands out, with its new Model and Layout tabs, and updated Status Bar. Tool Sets are easier to use than ever, as you now have the ability to customise these panels to suit your needs. They can be collapsed, moved, reordered and resized in real time as you see fit, which gives you added flexibility in your task.

The 2017 version gives you far more control over PDF imports, which can now be used to attach text, images and more. Furthermore, you can now import geometry directly as AutoCAD objects, a process which can be controlled by the user, with choices over scale, rotation and insertion point. On top of this, the PDFIMPORT Command gives you increased choice in this matter, as you can now keep or unload the PDF underlay as you so choose.

In other significant developments for ease of use, you now have the capability to access your Autodesk account from AutoCAD, which makes it simple to upload files to the cloud, and you are able to deploy multiple sessions at once, meaning you can quickly compare designs. All you have to do is right-click on your chosen drawing’s file tab and click ‘Move to New Session’.

There are a range of other pioneering new features, including:

• Full screen mode
• File tabs
• Associative centrelines
• Text editor visor
• Parametric menu

To learn more about the best version of AutoCAD for Mac yet, read this Autodesk blog,   give us a call or click on the link below and we'll get back to you.

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