autocad-360-newLike the title suggests in this blog post I am going to be talking about... wait for it... Autodesk AutoCAD 360. This has been out for a little while now and on our numerous social media sites we have informed you of what it is. But the idea of this blog post is to go into further detail to give you the audience a more in-depth idea of what it is all about.

This FREE software enables you to view, edit and share drawings all via your smart technology – phones, tablets and/or desktop. What you need to do is easy and quick and means you don't have to carry and keep countless amount of paper work to enable you with your design/build.

No matter what industry you are in you can use AutoCAD 360 within your work. So if you are in architecture, engineering, construction, mechanical, electrical or plumbing then this app is likely to benefit you in many ways. Depending on what you do within your industry you will be able to do an array of different things to help you with the process.

So what are the benefits of using this software... well it's free what more could you want? Only joking, there are a number of reasons –

It's quick – you can edit and share drawings in a faster amount of time because you no longer have to keep travelling from the office to the site where your build is taking place. It is all digital, so taking advantage of this modern technology is definitely an advantage.

Use it anytime and anywhere - Ofcourse, you would need internet for sharing capabilities but you can edit, create and view AutoCAD drawings on any of your devices providing you have downloaded the app. All you have to do is log in – simples!

Easy to use – If you have never used CAD before then there is no need to worry because it is designed for people with no experience what so ever. Alternatively, if you aren't amazing with technology then don't let this put you off because the way in which it is designed enables all users good or bad to use it with ease.

All in the cloud – You can use well known online data storage like Dropbox, Egnyte, and Buzzsaw etc. to store all your documents. This means you can access them at all times and make further edits to work while at any destination.

Files Usage – All files are compatible with the DWG format so that no matter what AutoCAD programme was used you would still be able to access it – this in turn makes your workflow seamless and hassle free.

Now like any app there is a basic (free) version but on top of this there is a pro version – £29 a year or a pro plus version for £59 a year and of course the more you pay the more additional features you get. In the image below you can see the functions for each version so you can decide what would be best for you.


On top of all of this amazingness, by going to the website you can reads loads of blog posts based around AutoCAD 360, help on how to use it and also other interesting things that all AutoCAD users will enjoy using.

Or if you just want to find out how Autodesk 360 Cloud can help your projects then take a look at our Autodesk 360 Cloud Services Blog Area.

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