autocad-architecture-2014-badge-200pxThe first service pack for AutoCAD Architecture 2014 has now been released. The Service Pack can be applied to AutoCAD Architecture 2014 - installed as a standalone application, as well as AutoCAD Architecture 2014 - installed from both Autodesk Building Design Suite and Factory Design Suite.

As ever, the service pack is based on customer feedback via the error reporting utility, so be sure to send any error reports you encounter and Autodesk can consider them when building the next update or release.

The update contains fixes to the Project Navigator, object viewer and many more common features and commands. For a full list of updates see the read me document.

As you prepare to install the Service Pack, keep the following in mind:

Back Up Custom Files
It is recommended that you back up all custom CUIX, MNR, and MNL files before you apply this Service Pack.

Administrative Privileges
During installation, you will be prompted for the original installation media or a network image. To apply this Service Pack, you must have administrative privileges to install and uninstall products.

Network Deployment
Administrators can deploy this Service Pack over a network using the Deployment Wizard.

About Your Product
After you install the Service Pack, updated product information displays in the About dialog box.

After you install this Service Pack, it is recommended to reboot your system even if not prompted.

If you have any questions feel free to call us on 023 8086 8947.