Autodesk AutoCAD Civil 3D 2014 Service Pack 2

autocad-civil-3d-2014-badge-200pxUpdates, updates, updates galore! Everyone loves new features being added, changed and fixed and with the release of the Service Pack 2 for Autodesk Civil 3D you are in for a few treats which will make your user experience a lot easier and way more enjoyable.

Now, many of you have probably read one of these posts before so you know the drill but stay tuned for the added bit at the end for the offer we have on that is ending soon.

First things first - to install the Autodesk Civil 3D service update you need to (not that this is in anyway mandatory) do a few things. This ranges from backing up all custom files to using the deployment wizard to rebooting your system etc. Like I said you don't have to do this but it is recommended by Autodesk in order for your update to run smoothly. To find out the specifics just head over to the Autodesk Website.

There are tons of issues that have been resolved and this couldn't have been done if you hadn't of sent an error report to Autodesk when something went wrong. So keep doing this in the future and the programme will be perfected before you know it.

So what's changed?

• Corridor Modelling and Analysis is something that people had a lot of problems with but now corridor solids can be exported correctly for intersections, corridor links and original coordinates.

• It's annoying when the cursor is offset from the place it supposed to be and this was a problem when laying out and editing a profile in Civil 3D. This has now been fixed though, so those annoying days are now over.

• Pressure Networks can now be created properly when using the 'create pressure network' from industry model command.

• The prospector tree, gravity pipe and structure collections can now be selected. The height in the gravity pipe network can also now be set properly when using a 3D polyline as the selected object.

• When using the geodetic calculator the transformation grid scale factor is now applied properly for ground coordinates.

• 3D object line weights are now applied properly when turning off the navigation bar and view cube.

I could continue but I would be here a while. As you can see there are loads of useful fixes to the programme that will make it easier for you to do certain tasks. All of these are on the full read me file, and on here it goes through how to apply the pack to different networks, administration images etc.

So it's all good and well having updates for an older programme but these will never compare to the new releases that come out each year. I know most of you are thinking well these are expensive and they take more time to learn but it is definitely worth it.

With a new programme, you are ensuring you are up-to-date which keeps you with the technological times and allows you to have the top software for your clients.

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