Autodesk Desktop App

The Desktop App is the new way to keep your Autodesk software up to date. The Desktop App will automatically detect what Autodesk software you have installed and will find the latest updates for you.

The Desktop App however doesn’t automatically install these updates so you will need to periodically go into the Desktop app and install any updates that have been released.

How to open the Desktop App

The Desktop App is installed on your computer along with your 2017 software, in most cases it will already be running in the background on your computer and can be found in the System Tray.

Alternatively you can open the Desktop App from the Windows start button. Simply click Start and type “Desktop App” and click the program “Autodesk Desktop App”.

Checking for Updates

Once in the Desktop App it will list any Autodesk software installed on the computer and any found updates. To install the updates just simply click the “UPDATE” button on the right.

How to Force an Update Check

It is possible to force the Desktop App to check for updates. Simply right click on the icon for the Desktop App in the system tray and click “Check Now”. This will force the Desktop app to check for any new updates.

To find out about Autodesk software just head over to our CAD Software page or give your local Graitec office a call today.

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