Autodesk's Ember 3D Printer

ember-2Autodesk's Ember 3D Printer has been available to buy for a couple of months now, since February to be exact, and it was designed to streamline your workflow with Spark to ultimately deliver more reliable results.

You are probably saying to yourself - there are loads of 3D printers available on the market at the moment but what makes Ember so different from the rest, especially at the hefty price tag of $5995? Well to start, the three key words Autodesk uses on its website are: reliability, speed and high-resolution.

Now, everyone wants the best of the best and of course when we design something we seek perfection. With the Ember 3D printer you can almost guarantee precision in every single one of your prints, and this down to the fact that every detail was designed with ease of use in mind.

Check out the specs below:

Print technology = DLP Stereolithography (SLA)
X/Y resolution (µm) = 50
Layer height (µm) = 10-100 (resin dependent)
Minimum achievable feature size (µm) = 150
Build volume (x,y,z) mm = 64 x 40 x 134
Speed = 18mm/hr at 25 µm
CAD file output = STL
Operating system = Windows, Mac
Connectivity = Wi-Fi, Ethernet, USB
Power requirements = 12V 8.5A DC
Footprint (mm) = 325 D x 340 W x 434 H
Weight = 10kg

Furthermore, Autodesk made an exciting announcement a few days ago that Ember's mechanical designs are now Open-Source. This essentially means that the design of Ember can be viewed in Fusion 360, allowing you to inspect and modify, and if you really wanted to, make your own Ember 3D printer from scratch.

Autodesk made this feature available so that everyone can make their own modifications and enhancements, letting the public extend the capabilities of this bit of hardware. Click here to be taken to the files.

To find out more head over to Autodesk's website and check out the platform behind Ember as well as a number of informative and interesting blog posts.

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