An Enhanced User Management Experience – Subscription Centre Improvements

subscription-updates2Autodesk Customers can now take advantage of a new and improved user management experience - providing them with a more flexible and efficient way to manage their services so software users can quickly access the tools they need.

On the 19th July, Autodesk will be rolling out several changes to the user management tools for subscription. The tools include a list of enhancements designed to make managing your services easier than before.

Some of the highlights include:

Greater administrative control of user access to services
• Allowing customers to control user access to cloud services based on the products they’ve purchased
• Simplifying user management for cloud services by named user
• Giving Contract Managers more control by giving them the ability to set permissions for Software Coordinators

An easier way to manage users through an improved interface for administrative tools
• Consolidating user management functions for adding, editing, viewing and managing access for users into a single location
• Streamlining the User Management interface making it easier to view and use

Greater visibility and flexibility in the usage and purchase of cloud credits
• Enabling both Contract Managers and Software Coordinators the ability to manage cloud credits by contract
• Making cloud credits associated to a contract available to all applicable users
• A new interface for the cloud usage report making it easier to view and use

From the 19th July you can access and start using the new user management tools by signing into Subscriptions and selecting Contract Administration.

For more information, you can read the following FAQ or call us on 023 8086 8947.

You might also benefit from visiting our Subscriptions page to learn more about subscriptions.

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