Autodesk Fusion 360 and Sim 360 Join The Rental Market

Fusion and Sim2Just in case you didn't know as of January 23rd Fusion 360 and Sim 360 are now available for purchase via the rental market through us and the Autodesk eStore.

Since their introduction, Fusion 360 and Sim 360 have amassed 30,000 users across 95 countries. According to Autodesk this community has created over 65,000 designs and run over 21,000 simulations but now they are available to rent as and when you need them.

This is a significant update for those of you who wish to rent the software as needed. It means that you can lease both Fusion 360 and Sim 360 when required to minimise project costs, and to meet what is often seasonal or project based demand.

The Autodesk software rental model allows companies: "to maintain a core of licenses for permanent staff and will also be able to call down and deploy additional licenses as staffing or contractor employment increases occur" as mentioned in our blog post Autodesk Software Rental Spawns The Autodesk Hybrid License Model.

So if you wish to be a part of the Digital Prototyping revolution with Autodesk Fusion and Sim 360 then now is your chance on a term-based option of monthly, quarterly or annually bases.

Simply give us a call on 0238 8086 8947 to discuss your business needs or project requirements and we will be happy to help or visit our dedicated Autodesk rental website CADHireUK.

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