Autodesk Fusion Connect delivers another piece of the FOMT puzzle

With Autodesk Fusion Connect, Autodesk have taken yet another big step in delivering their vision of the Future of Making Things (FOMT) and an integrated Product Innovation Platform (PIP) to connect manufacturing with the Internet of Things (IoT).

The acquisition of SeeControl in September 2015 gave Autodesk a powerful and innovative cloud platform for The Internet of Things (IoT). This essential tool enables manufacturing companies of all sizes to innovate, access and benefit from this emerging marketplace.

Acquiring technology is one thing, but integrating acquisitions within existing product portfolios has in the past been a totally different challenge which can take years. In this case however, SeeControl has been the subject of some very aggressive development and has now been renamed as Autodesk Fusion Connect, so it can sit alongside the other elements of the Fusion 360 portfolio.

Fusion Connect will allow manufacturers to analyse the performance and usage data of their connected products that take advantage of the IoT. This allows them to garner valuable product insights which is a key capability in the modern marketplace. Ron Locklin, from Autodesk, highlighted its importance, saying ‘the fundamental mission for Fusion Connect is to identify failures before they occur.'

This service will ensure the customer’s product experience is not hampered by technical failure, which is a very compelling goal as this will deliver a vital competitive edge for any manufacturing company.

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Development of connected products is fast becoming a prerequisite for manufacturing businesses because it allows them to deliver a more intuitive customer experience as products can for example be linked together and even personalised for the end user.

Autodesk has also announced another big move for its FOMT platform; it will rebrand PLM 360 as Fusion Lifecycle. Fusion Lifecycle will continue to be the foremost tool for managing details throughout a project.

Issues such as engineering changes and supplier collaboration can be shared amongst a team, who can all access Lifecycle anywhere, at any time.

fusion lifecycle

Autodesk’s FOMT programme, including Lifecycle and Connect, fits within the Fusion 360 umbrella. Fusion 360 is set to revolutionise data workflows, as companies will be able to easily manipulate data whilst using the latest architecture software.

Autodesk’s latest updates to Fusion 360 are examples of its strong commitment to playing a leading role in the Future of Making Things, and their products give businesses the chance to modernise their operations in order to keep pace with the ongoing disruption that the digital marketplace brings.

Find out more about the Future of Making Things on our FOMT blog post or complete our confidential FOMT assessment to see how ready your business is for the Future of Making Things.

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