Autodesk Health Dashboard - Today's Forecast is Clear Skies with no Cloud Coverage

View the service status and upcoming maintenance schedule for Autodesk Cloud Services.

If you are a current user of the Autodesk Cloud Services such as Autodesk BIM 360, BIM 360 Team, Collaboration for Revit or Fusion 360 etc. Then is good to know their service status and if Autodesk are planning any ‘down’ time due to maintenance.

Autodesk health dashboard fusion 360 cloud service status

Whilst cloud services offer phantasmagorical computing power for running various types of analysis, incredibly fast rendering, common data environments with a multitude of useful and time saving features (like Revit model compare). They do on occasion need a little TLC from their developers and it’s good to know what’s going ‘down’ – literally.

There have been a few times when either on my own machine or a client's that I’ve had issues with logging into a service, then wasted time trying to find out what’s changed locally with my settings, only to discover that the actual cloud service was down.

Well here's a great tip, or rather a link: Health Dashboard

This simple landing page site shows a list of all the Autodesk Cloud Services, their status and if there is any upcoming planned maintenance.

Autodesk health dashboard cloud service status

By clicking the Health Subscription button (top right) you can also select which services Autodesk should email you about if there are any changes or maintenance plans

Autodesk health dashboard notifications cloud service status

There’s even a History page to show the past service status of each service; because as we know, there’s nothing like hindsight and finally understanding why you had such a bad day, when no-one could access their projects or services. Now you have the link and the health subscription, you will be able to foresee and plan for such events.


Autodesk health dashboard history cloud service status

If you would like more information on Autodesk 360 Cloud Services or would like to request a quote on these or any other products, please get in touch through the form below:

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