Autodesk HSM CAM Delivers a Seamless CAD to CAM Solution


Autodesk HSM CAM Delivers a Seamless CAD to CAM Solution

Autodesk continue to deliver exceptional value to their Industry collections and the recent addition of the Autodesk HSM CAM solution to the updated Product Design & Manufacturing Collection was a nice but unexpected surprise to say the least given the historical cost of the product.  

We often hear the word seamless used about the interoperability between different software packages, but many designers will for the most part take that with a pinch of salt based on historical experiences.

However, Autodesk HSM CAM truly does deliver on this promise with a seamless CAD to CAM experience that is also considerate of the many associated manufacturing processes that take place during the design to final machining phase.

As an add-in to Inventor, a fully integrated solution for Fusion 360, or even as a CAM solution for Solidworks in the guise of HSM Works, Autodesk HSM gives users the ability to work in an already familiar CAD environment which naturally leads to a more streamlined and user friendly workflow as designers are not shackled by traditional methods and disjointed processes, but can instead concentrate on the quality of the design and not on moving data between applications.

The inclusion of HSM CAM in the Product Design & Manufacturing Collection also serves up an interesting conundrum for any company that currently has disparate software applications for both CAD and CAM as there is no longer the need to carry the associated costs for both packages when they can simply invest in one.

Software savings aside, the powerful combination of Autodesk Inventor and HSM CAM delivers many real-world benefits to typical machine shops in terms of both in functionality and capability.

For example, machine shops that receive various types of CAD data will be able to take advantage of Autodesk Inventors technology leading AnyCAD capabilities, allowing conversion or live linking of CAD data without requiring an export to CAM using neutral formats such as STEP or IGES beforehand, or additional costly translation software.

Autodesk HSM CAM offers a variety of CAM machining strategies to cater for a diverse range of requirements including: milling, turning and mill/turn in 2.5, 3, 3-2, 4-1 and 5 axis machining, as well as a host of other innovative technology to help your business from streamlining workflows and reducing machining time to improve productivity, to maximising tool life to reduce business costs.

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