Autodesk Inventor – How to keep unattached or orphaned annotations and how to auto-reattach

Occasionally when you make changes to your design you may find your drawing annotations become unattached, do you lose annotations the next time you open the drawing?

In this blog we will look at how to keep these unattached annotations and how to automatically re-attach them!

Why am I losing annotations and how do I stop this?

Well there is a simple answer to this question your document settings have not been configured to retain orphaned annotations, to resolve this follow the steps below!

Step 1:

Open your drawing template or effected drawing.

Step 2 – Access your document settings

Access Ribbon: Tools tab Options panel Document Settings. In the dialog box, click the Drawing tab.

 Step 3 – Enable the option to Preserve Orphaned Annotations

Step 4 - Save Template or effected drawing
Save your effected drawing, save template or create new template and give it a go!

How to auto-reattach annotations

Step 1 - Navigate to detached annotation

Step 2 - Right click on annotation and select Auto-Reattach Annotation

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