Autodesk Inventor 2015 Update 1

autodesk-inventor-2015Although Autodesk Inventor 2015 was released a few months ago there is already an update for the latest version which has addressed the issues found when it was initially released.

For this update to work you need to have Inventor installed from either: Inventor Professional 2015, Inventor 2015, Factory Design Suite Premium 2015, Factory Design Suite Ultimate 2015, Product Design Suite Premium 2015 or Product Design Suite Ultimate 2015. The update is available in both a 32 bit and a 64 bit version and you can download these as one bundle.

There have been a number of issues that have been fixed in this update including:

• Unexpected Exit – This has been something that has happened numerous times for different elements in Inventor and in the update it is something they have clearly focused on to make your user experience better. The programme will no longer exit when copying and pasting a work pane, opening a drawing, retrieving a dimension, during sketch constraint, editing a sick sweep etc.
• When the background colour is changed the dimension text is no longer difficult to see
• Multiple general stability enhancements
• Unable to constrain when changing the dimension
• Selection view of assembly containing content centre parts gives incorrect result
• OpenSSl heart bleed security vulnerability
• Inventor HSM doesn't support Redo cases
• Freeform, edit change not recognized as a model change
• Failure to create tangent constrain for Interpolation Spline
• Cut normal fails on a contour flange with two adjacent bends
• After shrink wrap composite surface disappear and editing of derived assembly cause change of the composite to solid
• ACAS DWG with 3D entities with units in meters will be imported into Inventor in millimetres
• Work plane display prevents view at half section of assembly

All of these issues were addressed by the public when using Inventor 2015, so if you have problems then make sure you let Autodesk know so they can fix it in time for the next update. This way the programme will continue to improve and your experience with it will be much more enjoyable.

To look at the proper read me file or to download the upgrade click here .

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