Autodesk Inventor Tip – How to Export Component Drawings as PDF From Assembly

This blog post will walk you through how to use iLogic to batch export PDF drawings of all components in an assembly, create a PDF of top level assembly drawing and place all PDF’s in a folder.

Check out the steps below or watch the video below if you would like to know more.

Step 1 - Use i-logic rule automate PDF export of components drawings

You will need to make a decision whether this rule is global to all users or embedded in an assembly template. In this example we will create the rule in an assembly template.

Access Ribbon: Manage tab > iLogic Panel > Add Rule

Add Rule Image

Step 2 - Paste the following text into i-logic editor

To download code click here.

A special thanks to Curtis Waguespack who originally posted this code on the Inventor forum.

Copy text into editor and save rule with appropriate name.

Edit Rule Export component drawing to PDF

Step 3 – Create button to trigger export

We want to be able to trigger the rule from a dialogue to achieve this we need to switch on the iLogic browser.

Access Ribbon: Manage tab > iLogic Panel > iLogic Browser

Add Rule iLogic Browser Image

Step 3.1 – Dock iLogic browser

Dock the iLogic browser > Select Form tab > right click in browser and select add form.

Dock iLogic browser Image

Step 3.2 – Create form

In the form dialogue select the rules tab and drag rule across to white space under label header.

You will see a preview of your form with button, click ok when the button appears on the form.

create a form in inventor

Step 4 – Show new dialogue and run export

In the iLogic browser you will have a button that will launch your form. Once you click the form button you will get a confirmation dialogue where you can click yes to export or No to cancel.

Show Dialogue Image

The last step is to watch Inventor export all your drawings for you to PDF format and view the contents of the export.

Note: this rule will only find drawings with same file name and location as component.

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