Autodesk Inventor Large Assembly Performance

inventor-2015-badge-256pxI recently visited one of Autodesk's blogs Being Inventive and noticed an interesting blog about large assemblies; the blog post included an incredibly helpful PDF which details recommendations, tips and tricks, workflows and techniques for managing large assemblies in Autodesk inventor.

As your designs become larger and more complex in Autodesk inventor, they consume more computing resources. This can present a challenge for you and your company in delivering an effective 3D design. As an assembly grows in complexity and size some of the issues you experience could include: Long loading times, out of memory errors, poor graphics performance and difficulty creating drawings.

But many of you may be wondering what quantity of parts is considered as a large assembly? Reading the inventor help files I found this information: "A typical large assembly is considered to contain 3000 – 5000 occurrences, but there is no exact number that defines a "large assembly".

An ambiguous statement? Well it is really is hard to define what a large assembly is, common reasons for poor assembly performance is often the number of occurrences in an assembly but it could also be down to several factors, having a large quantity of unique components and or components of complexity will produce a large assembly. Hardware and system configurations is also a factor when working with large or complex assemblies.

It is often surprising looking back at previous releases of inventor how many features and workflows for handling large assemblies have been introduced to the product and often without training users are not aware of the new functionality and workflows.

In this handy Inventor 2014 Large Assembly Performance PDF booklet and guide there is information on Hardware and System configuration, Inventor optimization, project settings, application options, simplification workflows and so much more.

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