Autodesk Inventor Tip – Automate Drawing View Scale in Title Block on all Sheets

With every release of Inventor there is a myriad of new features introduced and some that get overlooked. For those that are still entering scale manually on drawings sheets in Inventor 2016+ you should know drawing view scale has been enhanced to support multiple sheets!

If you would like to know how to setup scale in your title block and for it to be driven by model view placement read on!

How to change view scale from prompted entry or add view scale so its driven by view placement?

Step 1) Navigate to your Inventor template location and open your drawing template.

Step 2) Once template is open edit your default title block from the model browser, you can access from Title Blocks folder under Drawing Resources or by expanding current drawing sheet and editing title block within sheet.

Automate drawing view scale in title block on all sheets Step 1 and 2 Image

Step 3) Edit the existing prompted entry text used for scale or create text if you don’t currently have text for scale.

Automate drawing view scale in title block on all sheets Step 3 Image

Step 4) In the text editor window select Sheet Properties from the properties drop down (Note: If you have existing text delete from text editor window).

Step 5) Select Initial View Scale as the property.

Step 6) Select Add property as a text parameter.

Step 7-8) Finish sketch, Save title block changes.

Step 9) Save and close template.

Automate drawing view scale in title block on all sheets step 4 to 9

Autodesk Inventor Scale in title blockIf you create a new drawing and place a view you will have scale in the title block and if you create a new sheet the scale in title block will be driven by the first placed view on the new sheet!

Not quite sure of the issue or benefit here?

For those that are unaware, prior to Inventor 2016 view scale would take the view scale from the first model view placed, every sheet created thereafter would have the same view scale in all title blocks. Because of this limitation many companies who create multiple sheets within one drawing required manual prompted entry to input scale on each sheet. The enhancement introduced in 2016 addresses this issue by supporting multiple sheets in one drawing!

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