Autodesk Inventor Tip – Speed Up Working Large Assembly Drawings With Fast Open

When working with large assembly drawings do you find yourself waiting and waiting for a drawing to open and all you wanted do is a quick print, change a dimension position or add dimensions and text? If it rings true, you haven’t used Fast Open!

How does Fast Open help?

Fast Open will enable you to open a drawing without loading any model files associated to the drawing reducing loading time to seconds! Fast Open will still allow users to re-arrange views, changing view scales, add or edit text and dimensions in drawing sheets.

How to access fast open:

1) In the Open dialog box select a drawing file.
2) Click Options.
3) In options dialogue enable Fast Open then click OK.
4) Select Open

Inventor Tip How to access fast open

How do I load the model after fast open?

Until you re-establish link to drawing model any changes you make won’t come through to the drawing. To load the model data, we have two options:

Option 1) Save, Close, Re-open drawing
Option 2) From model browser right click on drawing and select resolve (see image below)

Inventor Tip load model with resolve file

How does this differ from defer update?

If you are not aware there is an option to defer update from options when opening a drawing, so how does this differ from Fast Open? Defer update stops model updates in a drawing but all model data is still loaded when opening drawing, where as Fast Open will skip the loading of all model files and only open drawing!

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