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Here at Graitec Professional Services we have mastered the art of creating product visuals using the Autodesk workflow from Inventor into 3ds Max. This gives the ability to make use of 3ds Max’ high end rendering tools to really showcase our client’s products. The visuals are used for marketing material and product catalogues uploaded to company websites and brochures. Graitec has a large customer base that use Autodesk Inventor but may want to take their model to the next level with regards to photorealism and rendering.

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The process involves exporting the model as a mesh and importing into Max. One thing to always consider is the system units of 3ds Max so the map scaling works correctly. The next step is replacing materials with high end realistic shaders, using large maps that don’t tile. In addition to the diffuse map we would also create specular maps as well as nice normal or displacement maps. These material changes are one of the main factors in creating photo realistic renders.

Autodesk Inventor to 3ds Max Product Visual

After the materials have been improved the next step is to create a product visual scene. Out the box there is a template for creating product visuals which does work nicely in some cases. The design Vis team prefer using our own customised product visual template and tweaking it for the project to highlight the best features of the model.

Once textures and lighting has been optimised, rendering takes place. Rendering is the process of generating an image from a model by means of a computer graphic application. Computer Graphics is used in most CAD Applications for displaying the model on screen and also for rendering – AutoCAD, Revit, Inventor etc. Pre-rendering is a process where the computer physically calculates the image. This is used for visuals and movie creation. We tend to use the nvidia Mental-Ray render engine that comes with 3ds Max as we get some great results with this.

Autodesk Inventor to 3ds Max Product Visual Image

From our clients point of view if you have a product in Inventor format we can take this and create still visuals for brochures, websites, banners and manuals or we could even produce full animations that showcase how the product is made. Another use is to have some excellent marketing material to show on screens in the reception or at an event.

Bring your design concepts to life using Graitec’s in-house Visualisation team. To find out more just click on the button below to request more information. 

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