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Project-PinocchioIf you have never visited Autodesk Labs before then it may be time to explore what it has to offer.

Autodesk Labs was set up to preview/showcase and get feedback on potential tools that Autodesk may integrate into its mainstream application. Some of the tools are exceptionally useful and “graduate” whilst some get passed over for a variety of reasons.

Either way it’s a great platform to get valuable user feedback that enables Autodesk to tweak the offering and of course iron out any potential bugs along the way, but all said and done everyone is a winner.

If you work in 3D visualisation services or the animation industry then Autodesk Project Pinocchio is one for your radar. Time is money and it’s all about the pipeline so anything that can potentially improve workflows and shorten pipelines is a plus.

Additionally if it enhances the quality of your client offering then that’s a bonus too.
Check out Autodesk Project Pinocchio, this free utility allows you to create 3D rigged characters for import into Autodesk 3DS Max & Maya via the commonly used FBX format, which is becoming the creative industry standard in file format exchange.
This could also help you save money by quickly and effectively creating your own rather than purchasing on-line content, so keep an eye out for an overview soon!

If you are moving into visualisation as part of your daily workflow give us a call to discuss how our design and visualisation training courses could help progress and accelerate your knowledge.

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