Autodesk Licensing Changes

As most of you are well aware by now, over the past few months Autodesk have introduced some considerable changes regarding the renewal of maintenance plans (subscription plans in old speak). I'm sure you have all received a fair few emails and calls, but what do all these changes actually mean for you?

Well in simple terms if you are on a current maintenance plan then very little. You will continue to receive all the benefits associated with this including previous versions, home user rights and product enhancements. Autodesk have currently not announced any plans to discontinue the option to renew a maintenance plan, so as long as you keep current nothing changes. You can renew your contract up to 90 days ahead of the renewal date without having any effect on your actual renewal period. Multi-year and pro-rata options are also available and this is often a good way to assist budgets and stay ahead of price increases.

The major change is the removal of the option to let your contract lapse and pick back up at a later date (with the late fee). As of 1st February 2016, all contracts must be renewed 'on time '. Meaning you no longer have the option to renew after your expiry date. Thus, if you let your contract lapse your benefits die with it.

This is one of the most significant changes of late. As you really only have two choices - stay current by renewing your maintenance plan on time or let this lapse and choose to purchase one of the new subscription based offerings at a term to suit you (monthly, quarterly or annually) at a later date. Whilst this might be a good short term solution, in the long term this can prove more costly for you.

At Graitec, we will ensure you receive notification of your products and subsequent renewal dates well ahead of the expiry date. So you can rest easy that we will always help you stay current and get the most out of your maintenance plan.

If you are uncertain of the products you currently have on maintenance plan and their renewal dates and would like to discuss this further, please contact us and we can guide you through them, visit our subscription page or click here for more information and we'll call you.