Autodesk-Nastran-INCADThe Autodesk Nastran IN-CAD software is a CAD embedded FEA (aka finite element analysis) tool and it is all powered by the Autodesk Nastran Solver. It's mainly aimed at engineers, helping them and also analysts to make high end products, but this doesn't mean that people in other industries can't use it too.

The software offers a streamlined workflow and embeds the FEA simulation capabilities right into Autodesk Inventor. So what are the benefits of this? Well it means that you save a lot of time because you aren't continuously trying to figure out how a design performs. It's also easy to share with the rest of the team members, so no worrying what software programme they are using. Furthermore, it offers you design guidance at the very earliest stage and is a better way to use 'advance simulation'.

This software offers a range of different simulation types ranging from linear and non-linear stress, dynamic response, steady state, heat transfer, thermal stress fatigue and buckling etc. On top of this it includes and extensive set of material modes such as composites, plastics and so many more.

Key features within the software are:

• Solid works integration
• Autodesk Nastran Solver
• Linear Statics
• Intelligence meshing
• Inventor Integration
• Transient Response
• Composites
• Random Response
• Static Fatigue

To find out more head over to the Autodesk Site and check out the short video giving you an overview on Autodesk Nastran IN-CAD. If you are interested in purchasing any Autodesk software then give us a call on 023 8086 8947 or request a quote and we will get back to you as soon as possible.