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PLM 360 mainThroughout a project you are probably trying to manage your spreadsheets and a constant stream of emails manually and perhaps it's becoming a bit of a hassle and a challenge at times as things are changing so quickly. If this does sound familiar then you need Autodesk's solution of PLM 360.

With Autodesk PLM (Project Lifestyle Management) 360 you work from the cloud, this means that anyone involved in your project is able to see what they need from anywhere as it is updated.

Basically PLM 360 automates key tasks and delivers the right information to the right people at the right time (this is an Autodesk saying but it is so true!).

Key Features

As everything is stored in one central location PLM 360 allows you and other participants in the project to discover, assess and respond to any change in the project with an explanation of how their views affect the product/project. PLM 360 2

PLM also keeps a record of the change history and approval process so that it can be seen and noted when points are modified to manage the control of change which brings everyone onto the same page.

Autodesk PLM 360 provides you with tools to design and define processes and workflows but don't worry this couldn't be simpler as there is a no programming approach to modelling processes with easy drag-and-drop functionality in place. So no need to fret about getting involved with HTML codes to create your own system.

PLM 360 offers a helping hand when it comes to getting on top of the status of a project. It reports, charts and dashboards presents you with an easy way to summarize and share information/stats with others throughout the entire project. This almost eliminates the need for status meetings allowing you more time to concentrate on the important things.

How to get started on PLM 360

PLM 360To get started with PLM 360 is as simple as creating a Autodesk Account and obviously getting on board with Autodesk 360 Cloud is essential. But once you've done this all it takes is a look around the tools that are on offer and possibly watch some training videos (which are available here) and you are on your way.

Of course if your project participants aren't on the cloud then it narrows your use of PLM 360 but don't worry if you wish to guide them to this new way of working then check out our series on helping a variety of groups to work with the cloud.

To find out more about Autodesk 360 Cloud or any Autodesk product then you can do so by calling us on 023 8086 8947 or request more information.


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