Autodesk Point Layout - Closing The Gap Between The Real & The Digital

autodesk-point-layoutPoint Layout is the newest member of the Autodesk Construction family. It automatically creates points from BIM & CAD models ready for export directly to the Robotic Total Station hardware. This means contractors can use laser guided pinpoint accuracy for the placement and verification of any building element.

Bridging the gap between design and construction has always been an issue and often, through no fault of either party, the finished product is subject to changes.

Over the years we’ve seen several solutions to help combat the breakdown in communication. Take BIM reducing the risk of errors for example or how GPS changed the construction process before that.

As far as bold and sweeping statements go I’m confident in saying Point Layout in its essence, will fast become one of those things we can’t remember life without.

Autodesk Point Layout means you can get point data to the field quickly and easily. You can use your BIM model directly in the real world with precision and speed, saving time and money.

"We went from 30% of our sleeves being in the wrong spot or not even being in the slab, to installing over 11k sleeves and only missing one or two." - Cody Taylor, Regional Director, VDC of Rogers-O'Brien Construction.

Layout doesn’t have to be a science anymore. As you add points to the design, you embed X, Y, and Z coordinates information into your model. Each X, Y, and Z coordinate includes a unique point number and description.

You can then use that data to inform the coordination process throughout the project lifecycle. For instance, exporting point coordinates to your compatible total station so you lay out more accurate points quicker, reducing costly errors and delays. Or bringing points shot in the field back into the design model, making it easier to verify construction quality and update the as-built version.

No matter how well you've coordinated the models used to design the project, there's no good way to check that points have been laid out with precision. Autodesk Point Layout software changes all that; a single person can lay out hundreds of points in a day and you can be more confident with their accuracy.

The knowhow behind Point Layout software is a proven technology and has the potential to change the construction industry as a whole. Late adopters of this technology may find themselves left behind as the construction industry progresses around them.

For more information about Autodesk Point Layout you can call us on 023 8086 8947

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