Autodesk Release First Advance Steel 2016 Hotfix

To ensure continuing stability and productivity Autodesk has released HotFix 1 for Autodesk Advance Steel 2016.

The hotfix is a high severity release and addresses a number of crash issues as well function improvements in a number of areas.

Please Note: As with any update please ensure you back up and data as well as any customisations you may have implemented, If in doubt please contact the Graitec Advance Steel support team before applying the update. 

Some of the updates and fixes are outlined below, but for a full list please click on the link below to download our hotfix document.

Click here to download the Hotfix Document

• Fixed Batch Plot function in Document Manager
• Fixed a problem when editing multiple plates that caused the plates to change size.
• Fixed a problem where you could not create GA drawings using Drawing Styles palette.
• Advance Steel object properties restored in DWF files.
• Can now set a different profile as current in Management Tools.
• Fixed a crash when using customised prototypes
• Fixed a crash when adding an additional detail to an existing drawing.
• Fixed a crash caused by AutoCAD Lines in shade mode

Many of the fixes are the result of customers using the automatic Crash Reporting tool and filling in as much information as possible. Please use this tool yourself whenever you experience a crash. If you have any other enquiries, please send us a message:

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