Autodesk Revit Depth Cueing Feature

Depth cueing is one of the newer features in Revit which will give your views an added feeling of distance and depth. In this article we will take a look and how this works and what the results look like.

You will find depth cueing in the visual styles menu under graphic display options.

Revit Depth Cueing Graphic Display Options

Once into graphic display options you can then expand depth cueing where you can enable it by ticking ‘Show Depth’.

Revit Depth Cueing Show Depth Option

The ‘Fade Start/End Location’ slider enables you to choose where the fading effect will start and where the view will totally fade out, based on the far clip extents, then you choose how much the view will fade out at the far end by using the fade limit (%) slider. The following screenshot gives a visual indication as to how this works.

Revit Dpeth Cueing Fade Start End Location Slider

The following example shows a section before and after the application of depth cueing, with the near location set at 0, far location set at 75 and the view fading out to 10% at the far end.

Revit Depth Cueing Fading Example

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