Autodesk Revit Folder Location Shortcuts - Or, Why I Still Have a Hole in my Carpet.

At home, I have a hole in one of my carpets. My dog made it one winter’s afternoon, I guess he was bored. My fault because I left him alone longer than I intended.

It’s been there a long time. I remember thinking, I must get that replaced, but that didn’t happen, problem is, it’s been there so long, I’m blind to it, I no longer see it. And that’s the problem with Revit’s folder location shortcuts, I’ve seen them so often, I’d lost sight of their benefit.

I don’t want to think about the hours I’ve wasted navigating to particular folders when I could have set up a shortcut.

Revit folder location shortcuts image

Revit folder location shortcuts image 2

So don’t waste time repeatedly navigating to the same folder, use the ‘Add Current Folder to Places’ option to save that location and next time select the shortcut.

If you want to add or remove folders, position your cursor over the grey background and select the right mouse button to display a popup.

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